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Seattle: Proof of Spring

April 18, 2009

daffodil Hi there.

It’s spring. Here is the proof! Go to Ivar’s on Lake Union. Yum.

Read about Cheap Dates in Seattle. I have so much more to say, so I’ll have to write another Cheap Dates.


Seattle: Australian Lingo – Pronounce the word Cairns?

February 8, 2009

kangaroo1I have been wondering how to pronounce Cairns, which is a city we will be visiting.

Click this link for the correct Aussie Pronunciation. However, several Americans have said it is pronounced Cans.

I have been pronouncing the word “Aussie” wrong. It is “Ozzie”.

“Fair Dinkum” means something like, “Absolutely!” And if someone says you are fair dinkum it is (usually) a compliment. Nice to know, so I won’t tell people to “piss off” if they say “fair dinkum” to me.

Seattle: Australia and New Zealand, the Antipodes

February 7, 2009

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

I’m packing for a New Zealand / Australia trip.

The difficulty is that it is similar to packing for a trip from NYC to Florida. There are a lot of different weather ecosystems involved.