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Seattle: Proof of Spring

April 18, 2009

daffodil Hi there.

It’s spring. Here is the proof! Go to Ivar’s on Lake Union. Yum.

Read about Cheap Dates in Seattle. I have so much more to say, so I’ll have to write another Cheap Dates.


Seattle: Australian Lingo – Pronounce the word Cairns?

February 8, 2009

kangaroo1I have been wondering how to pronounce Cairns, which is a city we will be visiting.

Click this link for the correct Aussie Pronunciation. However, several Americans have said it is pronounced Cans.

I have been pronouncing the word “Aussie” wrong. It is “Ozzie”.

“Fair Dinkum” means something like, “Absolutely!” And if someone says you are fair dinkum it is (usually) a compliment. Nice to know, so I won’t tell people to “piss off” if they say “fair dinkum” to me.

Seattle: To Make the Print Larger

February 7, 2009

I’m doing everything I can to make the print larger, but my html is rusty. (Actually, I can make the print larger but I also need to make the spaces between the lines bigger.)

To make the page larger yourself, hold Control (Ctrl) key down while hitting the Plus key.

If that doesn’t work CLICK HERE.

I’ll keep trying to find the right code to enlarge this.