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Seattle: Baby Boomer Travel – Home Again for Now

March 13, 2009

Qantas All the Way to LAX Baby!

Qantas All the Way to LAX Baby!

Ray and I are extremely and superbly tired. We had a 27 & 1/2 hour journey from Pepper’s Beach Club (hotel) in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia to the front door of our house in Seattle.

We went from the mid-nineties and 75+% humidity (Australia) to a nippy Western Washington low 30’s and clear, cold skies. And, instead of white sand we had white snow.

Now that I have good access to a computer, I will toggle and juggle the travel info in my head and try to give you a better idea of the different aspects of our trip. Right now, it’s time to sleep.


Brisbane to Seattle: Baby Boomer Travel – I Don’t Want to Leave the Kangaroos and Australia

March 11, 2009
I like my Kangaroo Friends

I like my Kangaroo Friends

I did not think I would like New Zealand and Australia.

I came on this vacation because my husband MADE me go with him.

It’s a superb bit of irony:

I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE the Kangaroos.

I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE the warm beaches in Australia.

I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE the beautiful Sydney Harbour.



Down Under is the greatest place in the world. The people are “right there” how you want them to be: honest. It’s not too crowded.

I might move to Australia if I can find a way to do it.

I want to go back to Australia. I want to see the kangaroos, the koalas, the dolphins, and even the Tasmanian Devils. I love Seattle, but I might love Sydney even more.

If my kids didn’t live in The States, I’d be packing and moving Down Under.

Port Douglas, Australia: I Played Hookey Again Today

March 10, 2009

It’s never been a big deal for me to see the Great Barrier Reef, so I stayed in bed again. I know I’ll get another chance to see The Reef in my lifetime. If I don’t, it’s no biggie. I like the scary things (like sharks) neatly tucked away behind glass in an aquarium. Our guide, Udo the Bondi Beach Surfer, said that there was a slim-to-none chance of spotting any sharks. Anyway, I am about to slip into the jacuzzi on the balcony. I forgot my swimsuit, but fortunately it’s behind a louvered screen so I won’t scare anyone. We’ll hit the beach later and look for crocs and deadly box jellyfish. Lots of fun around every corner.

Port Douglas Australia: Last Night I Crashed

March 10, 2009

After a quick three-plus-hour flight up to Cairns (pronounced something like, but not exactly, Cans), I crashed. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the new meds. Maybe I just needed a break from the non-stop touring. Anyway, I slept until this morning and I missed the dinner cruise.

Ray said the food was ok, not great. I don’t know what he had. His version of good food is McDonald’s. My version of good food is Asian-Fusion. So, who knows.

Ray said that one of the best parts of the sail was the bats. The bats had a wingspan as big as a hawk. Brilliant.

Sydney: Guided Bus Tour

March 5, 2009

These shots are from our bus tour the other day, and I can’t remember what I’ve already put online. Forgive the repeats.

I am blogging from a Sydney hotel and the wifi costs by the minute. I have to be quick.

The Rocks area of Sydney was a rundown slum by the water. It’s a historic area where the colony first started. “The Rocks” now has tons of upscale restaurants and shops.

It seems like there is always another brilliant beach around every turn.

I wanted to stop in the Paddington area (Oxford Street) of Sydney. It’s like Sydney’s answer to Melrose.

Seattle: What are the Antipodes?

February 11, 2009


The Lesson for Today:





“In geography, the antipodes of any place on Earth is its antipodal point; that is, the region on the Earth’s surface which is diametrically opposite to it. Two points which are antipodal to one another are connected by a straight line through the centre of the Earth.”

(And, why are we having this Geography Lesson today?)

“In the British Isles, “The Antipodes” is sometimes used to refer to Australia and New Zealand.” (Wikipedia)

In scientific terms, “If one digs a hole through the Earth, he or she will end up in China.” In actuality, one would start in Salto, Uruguay to dig straight down to Shanghai.

To see more, click the link: ANTIPODAL POINTS of the world.

Seattle: Australia and New Zealand, the Antipodes

February 7, 2009

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

I’m packing for a New Zealand / Australia trip.

The difficulty is that it is similar to packing for a trip from NYC to Florida. There are a lot of different weather ecosystems involved.