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Jazzed about Trip To Venice

July 17, 2009

Grand Canal.  Photo credit: Radomil at Wikipedia

Grand Canal. Photo credit: Radomil at Wikipedia

I have a trip coming up, to Venice, and I’ve never been there. I’m doing a lot of research and I’ve written an article about women’s travel wear. I’m still a bit of a wreck from surgery, but I get better and better each day. Read my article, The Best Sites for Women’s Travel Wear.


Melbourne: Uploading Picton Pictures from Last Week in NZ

March 7, 2009

Last Week I had no internet access. So, I’m adding my impressions of Picton New Zealand, even though it’s a week later and we are now in Melbourne, Australia:

Picton NZ is a sweet little burg which reminds me of the San Juans (near Vancouver Canada). The town of Picton has a nice “country feel” and is very family friendly. AND Picton has lots of Backpackers who pop up around every corner.

One group of backpackers was an entire family (or two) of German Speakers. I had heard a lot of different languages spoken in New Zealand, but my grandmother spoke German, and my antennae always pick it up in a crowd of “giddays”, “Holas”, and “bonjours”.

I saw every age of backpackers in that group. There were kids under 10 with smaller packs and their parents and a grandpa with a pack. The Germans had just come off the Picton Ferry, with a boatful of Canucks, Aussies, Eastern Europeans (I think), and other unidentifiable far-off and adventourous tourists…who sounded like they might be Hungarians or Czechs.

I don’t know if the German group was headed towards a hostel, a camper van, or a campground.

Anyway, it seemed like half the tourists in Picton had packs. (This is the place where I started to notice “backpacker hostels” everywhere down under.) And….since I’m planning to come back to OZ and NZ next year or the year after, I was intrigued and did some research. Click Here for: “New Zealand Backpackers are Every Age” because you might find that it would make a “down under” vacation VERY affordable.