Port Douglas, Australia: Ray Keeps the “Snake Door” Locked

Ray had to look under the bed for snakes last night (because I’m afraid of snakes). Now he keeps the “snake door” locked all the time. It’s really just the sliding glass door to the balcony and the jacuzzi, but I call it the “snake door”, so he does too.

These pics are from our tramp through the small chic town of Port Douglas. Port Douglas reminds me of Lahaina Maui (Hawaii), though with less jewelry stores. We are here during the “off season”…I’m surprised by that. I would have thought that people from the Northern Hemisphere would flock to Australia in February and March.

I know I would rather be on a warm beach than shoveling snow from my driveway!

The “High Season” for Port Douglas is June, July, and August, when it’s cooler and less humid, and many of the critters (hopefully the box jellyfish and the mosquitos) are on siesta.

Read about the “BEST TIME TO GO: to avoid stingers (Jellyfish)”.

During the High Season, people come to Cairns, Port Douglas, and the rest of Queensland (from all over Europe and Australia).

I really like this place. I like the humidity and the heat. My neck doesn’t hurt, my arthritis takes a vaca, and I don’t have Iron Poor Blood. If I could just get used to the snakes. I guess even Eden had snakes…


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