Peats Ridge, Australia: Wine Tasters Get to Know Locals

The travel group went on a bus trip to Hunter Valley (just outside Sydney) for a wine tasting experience. It turned into a different kind of adventure. We had a “bus breakdown”, fortunately our guide Udo did not have a breakdown, and it all had a happy ending.

As you can see, we had a little march to Peats Ridge, which was an unscheduled stop. We met a few “real Aussies” who grew up in this rural area. Ray found out that there was a piece of real estate that he could afford with an airstrip, 8 hangars, and a house.

NO I’M NOT moving to Peats Landing. It is also a hugely successful horse-breeding center, second only to Kentucky. Well, the area is only about an hour outside Sydney…maybe I could live in Sydney, fly out to the Peats Ridge suburbs with Ray, and ride my horses. All I have to do is win the lottery. Then I could afford my “winter” home in Sydney, Ray’s airplane, and the breed mares. Sounds great doesn’t it?


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