Melbourne: Quick Bus Tour of Melbs and Tram Restaurant Dinner

We got out of the Melbourne Airport and launched into a bus overview of Melbourne.

The first stop was for a quick bite of lunch at Queen Victoria Markets. We wandered around but we were bushed so Raymo and I decided to come back another day.

We got back into our nice air conditioned bus and drove around to get a feel for the central city of Melbourne. We passed some cool old buildings and you know I’m a fan of olden architecture (especially cool facades).

Next we popped into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We saw the black goth exterior last week but we couldn’t get inside then because there was a wedding underway. This time Ray took a great snap of a stained glass window.

Off again to the Melbourne Conservatory with beautiful begonias. The conservatory changes flowers all the time. I loved this place. If I win the lottery I will have my breakfast in a conservatory like this…of my own.

Nearby, we saw Captain Cook’s house, which isn’t really his house. I’ll explain this later. Maybe I’ll make it into an article. I thought the little building was divine. Really, it was beautiful and austere.

And…off we went down the road. The next stop was the Shrine of Remembrance. Normally, I’m fairly cool to memorials because I hate wars and I hate the whole idea. However, this was the most touching, most moving, and most memorable shrine I have ever seen. First you walk through a cavernlike underground tunnel, then you see row after row of medals donated to the museum, and just when you are about to cry, you come into the main room which has a statue called “Two Generations”, which shows a soldier from WWI and a soldier from WWII. So then I was having tears in my eyes.

After a bit of exploring the Memorial, we got on the bus and headed for the Melbourne Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. This was a thumbs up for the view (we veered all over the city and out to st. Kildas) and the unlimited drinks.

Thumbs down to the weird tamponade on the chicken. A bit touristy but it was something fun to do. And, the bus ride home (after the champagne and wine and drambuis) was a joyous occasion. Thumbs down to Melbourne sidewalks with their slopes and holes and curbs. A friend on the tour broke her foot while maneuvering through this mess. Hope all is well with you, girlfriend!


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