Sydney: Holland America Cruise Port

I LOVE Sydney. The last port of call for our Holland America Cruise is Sydney.

We have just disembarked, met up with our tour guide, Udo, and he gave a drive-through of Sydney (his adopted home). I think I love this town. It is a lot like LA, but no smog and less crime.

I don’t know what it is “REALLY” like here. It would take more time to see how much I like Sydney, like maybe next winter for a month or so…. but I think I could live here. However, I have no idea what the cost of living really is. Vacations are usually pure fantasy adventures.

Bondi Beach is in the city and it’s a haven for surfies. The water is so blue. The suburbs are beautiful but spendy. Oh by the way, I don’t think I’ll be surfing or swimming in the ocean. There were 3 shark attacks in the last few days… but I’m very happy just sitting near the shore, and listening to the waves.


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