Napier NZ: Holland America Cruise Port

Napier and the Surrounding Towns:

Today we took a tour and saw May, the Shetland Sheepdog,
herd some frightened, naked sheep in a “peddock”. Tommy, the
younger sheep farmer, let May out and told her to “fetch” or
whatever one says to a sheep dog. And May blurred by like
a bullet as she circled the pasture looking for strays. I
swear, May sounded like a galloping horse.

All of this was done by voice control. Tommy told us that 2
or 3 of these obedient and intelligent dogs can herd 2,000
sheep, even up in the nearby rough terrain.

Next, we went into the barn with the loverly sheep shit odour.
We saw Bob the Shearer denude two sheep, one with old-fashioned
shears, and next, using an electric shearing device. Bob was
one big muther and he just popped these huge sheep up and
flipped them on their backs. The sheep didn’t fight him much,
but when they did, their little sheepie hooves flailed
ferrociously. Bob the Shearer needed to wear special shoes or else
he would slip on the “grease” (lanolin).

Bob said that the top 5 sheep shearers lived right here around
Napier. Hooray! I always wanted to know that for which Napier,
New Zealand was known.

I grabbed a sheep-show brochure and the farm also sells dog
beds. “KiwiWool pet beds keep your pet warm in winter and
cool in summer. The unique properties of wool create a micro
climate for your pet…blah blah blah… and help prevent and
alleviate the sympoms of rheumatism and arthritis.” The
brochure neglects to report the psycho-dogical benefits of
sheep-aromatherapy… which is somewhat scientifically proven
to send pups directly into rem sleep and doggie dreams of
frollicking in a poofy pile of sheep droppings and lively
lanolin licking. Make your pooch happy at

Next we went up to the top of some scary, steep mountain.
Then we came down and saw miles of grape, apple, olive,
strawberry and everything farms/vineyards/groves. In the Greater
Napier area, they grow food and old-age housing.

Tip o’ the Day: If someone in NZ says they are looking for a
“bear”, in actuality, they are looking for a “bar”.


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