Auckland NZ: Waitemata Harbour in Auckland

It was a grueling flight including some unexpected layovers, but we finally landed in Auckland.

Ray and I explored the waterfront part of the city and took a Waitemata Harbour tour. One can easily get the feeling that he or she is in Vancouver, Seattle or Frisco, but Auckland is warmer than any of them.

The Aucklanders are fab, friendly, intelligent, and gorgeous. Ray made a comment that all the women are gorgeous and that no one is fat here. I’m sure it’s true, but I would add that all the guys are gorgeous… even the straight ones. Brilliant.

I could live here.

When we were out on the harbor, I told Ray that someone forgot to put the “lid” down on one of the buildings. (In other words, the architect had to be a male because he left the toilet seat up.) Look at the blurry pic and it will make sense. I lay claim to this observation. (By the way, my Uncle Herbie is the person who said that the IBM building in Seattle looked like “The box that the Space Needle came in”.)

I suppose people from a construction family notice unusual things.

I included the bridge pic because we saw 2 people bungy jump from it. We were exactly under the bridge And boy did they look scared! We could see one guy shaking.

This Auckland place is awesome!


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